8 Essential Stationery Items for School Students


In the age of virtual reality and online classes, stationery products may sound odd, but the phone, tablet, or laptop cannot replace every stationery item. You may have a notepad, sketchpad, and many other things on your digital devices, but none of them can give you the physical feel, smell, or visual stimulation through the screens of your gadgets. Students’ stationery supplies are still vital, and they need these supplies to be creative and competitive.

The best thing about these items is that they offer an escape from the digital world, which consumes most of your time of the day. Studies also show that physical feeling is necessary for children to learn effectively and develop their brains. A robust conceptual understanding is only gained through physical activities.

Stationery items are not just for the studies, they are also required for the craft and other extracurricular activities.

This article will list all the necessary stationery items that students might need to excel in their studies.

Highlighter pen

It helps highlight essential texts in the books. So, next time you read the page, those texts will catch your attention. This item is best for note-taking.


This item is also known as a drawing pad, legal pad, scratchpad, and writing pad. It is a rough notebook used for jotting down crucial points while you listen to the lecture. You can also make the timetable on this notepad and write your achievements. 

Pencil case

It is an essential item for students. It is a case to store pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler, marker, etc. When you have this case with you, organizing these items becomes effortless. It is a magical box to keep your stationery supplies.


A stapler is an essential piece of equipment in offices, schools, and places with a lot of paperwork. Sometimes, even teachers need a stapler to bind the question papers.


It is a necessary item for school students, especially those who started using pens. Primary-level students who use pencils make mistakes and use an eraser to correct them, but they need the whitener when they begin writing with pens.


There’s no doubt that scissors are always needed where there is paperwork and craft, especially in academia. Ensure that the scissors you buy are made of sharp metal—they should be resistant to rust and have basic safety features.


Measurement and drawing straight lines are a part of academic life, whether they (students) are in the 1st or 10th grade. When you have geometry and technical drawing classes, you need a ruler. 

Document holder

School is where you prepare articles, thesis, and homework for papers. Sometimes, these papers are so much that a stapler pin cannot go through the thick bundle of sheets. Hence, what you need is a document holder. This is also necessary for submitting important assignments to your teacher. You cannot simply give some papers stapled together to your teacher. And you need to either design it as a notebook or put it in a document holder so that your teacher can check your assignment properly.

Paper clips

It is a small but necessary stationery item. Your stationery supplies are not complete without the paper clips. You can’t keep all the papers and documents stapled together or store them in a document holder. It will be expensive to buy so many document holders, and staple pins are not good at holding big chunks of sheets. The best way to organise them is by putting paper clips on them—it helps you make small bundles of various documents.

These are the essential stationery items a school student will need to carry when the school starts.

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