Owning gems can be easy with lab grown diamonds

Owning gems can be easy with lab grown diamonds


With people realising the significance of environmental sustainability, finding an alternative for natural diamonds has gained impetus. It has resulted in the popularity of lab grown diamonds that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. While they have the same quality and beauty, their origin is different. You can get such diamonds in any shape and size at very affordable prices. Hence, if you want to own an exquisite piece of jewellery, it is essential to know some facts. 

Engage in research

Start your research to be sure that you are purchasing the real lab-grown diamonds. Such diamonds are also available online, so you need to ensure that you buy from a reputed company. Check its grading report to be sure of its quality. You must remember that only reputable laboratories like GIA, GCAL, IGI, and HRD have the authority to provide such reports. You must also not forget that the grading report for a lab-created diamond is the same as a natural diamond. Hence, it would be simpler for you to compare the properties and make the purchase.


Lab-created diamonds tend to have better cuts than natural diamonds. Mined diamonds may have flaws or mineral inclusion that affect their overall cut, and the leftover cut often gets wasted. Meanwhile, lab-created diamonds are developed in a controlled environment and are cheaper to produce. The faceted also encounter lesser issues while cutting the diamond or optimising the size or yield of the gem. So, less material gets wasted, and high-quality diamonds are obtained from lab-grown rough.  

Colour and clarity

A lab-grown diamond with a higher cut and colour can be expensive. You can avail these diamonds in different colours, and they cost a lot less than a coloured pink or blue natural diamond. The clarity grade of lab-created diamonds is affected due to inclusions that are formed during the process of development. Such diamonds may also have cracks like mined diamonds as they are grown in intense pressure conditions. However, the inclusions in lab-created diamonds are so small that you cannot see them with naked eyes.  

Shape and size

Lab-created diamonds are available in popular shapes and sizes. Unlike mined diamonds, the price of these diamonds does not multiply at an exponential rate with an increase in carat size. You can get a 2-carat natural diamond at $14,000, while a similar lab-grown diamond may cost you just half. If you wish to get a large diamond for your partner or give her a statement jewellery piece, you will be spoilt for choices with the wide range of lab-grown diamonds available. You can also get all the details on the diamond and its properties to know how it will perform. 

Online purchase

The process of purchasing a natural diamond and a lab-grown one can be quite similar. So, before the purchase, review the properties of the diamond. Reputable retailers provide detailed information on the measurements, clarity, colour, and cut of the diamond. Also, you can check out the videos and pictures of the product. The high-resolution images and videos of the diamond would help you see the gem and its interaction with the light. 

Diamonds are classy and are desired by one and all. The artificially grown diamonds have made it possible for people to own diamonds without causing a dent in their pockets. So, do thorough research about price, style, and quality before purchasing. 

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