One Piece: 50 Great Garp Full Filler List

One Piece: 50 Great Garp Full Filler List


Manga is a popular form of entertainment that is enjoyed across the world. This article lists some of the best One Piece fillers and Garp related material.

What is a filler?

A filler is a story that is added to make a manga longer. Filler stories are usually shorter than the main story, and are designed to keep readers engaged. They can be anything from jokes to action scenes.

Manga creators use fillers to help them stay focused on the main story. Manga authors often use fillers to test out different plotlines and see which ones work best. They may also use fillers to fix mistakes in the main story.

Filler stories can add a lot of excitement and suspense to a manga. They can also introduce new characters and flash back scenes. They help to create a fuller picture of the characters and their world.

Why are fillers used in One Piece?

One Piece is a manga and anime series that has been running for over 20 years. It is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world.

One of the reasons why it is so popular is because of the filler episodes. These episodes are not part of the main story line and do not contribute to the overall plot. Instead, they are used to fill in gaps in the story, introduce new characters, and provide comedic relief.

Filler episodes are important because they allow the author to develop relationships between characters and explore their motivations. They can also be used to resolve unresolved plot points.

Overall, filler episodes are a necessary part of the One Piece storyline. They help to develop character relationships and resolve unresolved plot points.

The history of filler usage in One Piece

One Piece is one of the longest-running anime series in history, with over 700 episodes spanning over 19 years. Over that time, there have been a lot of plot points and characters introduced that didn’t make it to the final cut of the story. Filler arcs are a common occurrence in anime, as they help to bridge gaps between story arcs and give more content for viewers to enjoy.


One Piece filler arcs generally fall into one of two categories: background stories and side characters. Background stories are used to flesh out characters and their motivations, while side characters are used as comedic relief or to further explore the world of One Piece. In both cases, filler arcs can be a fun way for viewers to get to know these characters better and learn more about the lore of One Piece.


The full list of 50 filler names

Here is the full list of 50 filler names for One Piece!

  1. Garp
  2. Eustass Kid
  3. Buggy
  4. Ivankov
  5. Sanji
  6. Nami
  7. Robin
  8. Usopp
  9. Zoro
  10. Chopper

Filler Terminology and its meaning

When it comes to manga, one of the most important things to understand is the terminology used. This is especially important when it comes to filler material, as filler material can often be confusing and misleading.

Filler material refers to any extra content that is added to a manga series after the main story has been completed. This can include new characters, new arcs, or even just extended scenes.

There are a few different types of filler material, and each one has its own specific meaning. Here are four of the most common types of filler:

1) Short Stories: A short story is usually just a shorter version of an existing manga story. They’re typically added as an extra chapter or as part of a serialized magazine.

2) OVA/Specials: An OVA (Original Video Animation) or special is similar to a short story, but it’s typically standalone and doesn’t contain any existing manga chapters. They’re sometimes used to bridge gaps between arcs or introduce new characters.

3) Spin-Offs: A spin-off is a manga series that takes place outside of the main storyline. Sometimes they follow different characters than those in the original series, while other times they


List of all full fillers post Eiichiro Oda


  1. Eiichiro Oda has written a whopping 27 volumes of One Piece, which means there are plenty of great filler stories to enjoy.
  2. Some of the most popular fillers include the Going Merry crew’s fight against the New World Pirates, Zoro and Usopp fighting for the Mera Mera no Mi, and Luffy and Sanji competing in the 100-meter race at Impel Down.
  3. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just starting out, there’s something for everyone in One Piece’s fantastic filler list. So start reading today and enjoy all the fun!

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