8 Common Makeup Mistakes that You Should Never Make

8 Common Makeup Mistakes that You Should Never Make


Women of all ages are fond of makeup because it makes them look beautiful and feel confident. It is one of the best ways to hide the flaws of the skin, pigmentation, and dark lines. While we know that we feel good after applying makeup, are we sure that our skin feels the same? For those of you, who didn’t get my question, there are some makeup mistakes that almost every woman makes. Some of these mistakes are not good for the skin and thus, they should be avoided. Below are some of them listed, go through them and make sure you never repeat them ever. 

Wearing loads of foundation

Foundation is something that does not let your skin breathe. It blocks the pores of the skin and thus, your skin might feel dehydrated at times. Secondly, believing that too much foundation will make you look even better is not right. In fact, applying too much foundation also makes your skin tone look unnatural. Therefore, try to keep it as natural and subtle as possible. 

Preserving your cosmetics for years

While there is always a maximum limit time on makeup, they do expire. Some of them only last for a few months after opening the seal. Good brands offer a little more time but it is not a good idea to preserve the products after they have expired. They will never do anything good to your skin. Therefore, always keep discarding the products that cross their expiration date.

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Using waterproof mascara frequently

Waterproof mascara is loved by most women because of the fact that it stays for a long period of time, however, using it too frequently is one of the biggest mistakes that any woman can make. Since it makes your eyelashes really dry, you will have to rub your eyes a lot in order to take it off. This can even make the skin around your eyes sag and even make the lashes fall out. 

Wrongly cleaning the eye makeup

The skin around the eyes is more sensitive than the rest of the body. Therefore, removing eye makeup is a little tricky and you have to be patient with it. You can even use petroleum jelly to remove the eye makeup. Apart from the makeup, it is also beneficial in removing false eyelashes glue. Other than that, you can also use castor oil to gently remove the makeup.

Omitting the primer

While primer is one of the basic needs for every woman, most women skip this step whatsoever. Primers are needed to make your makeup last and stop the oil to come all over your face. Otherwise, after a great party, you would start to feel like you have taken a dip in oil and posed. Therefore, primers are important for you before you apply your makeup. 

Not using enough moisturizer

This is for women who have oily skin; you might feel that moisturizer is not that important. However, it is one of the first steps for applying makeup. If you do not use the moisturizer well, your makeup will start to form flakes after a while. If you do not use a good face moisturizer your skin will lose its natural glow. 

Using makeup brushes without cleaning them

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned properly with warm water and a small amount of baby shampoo. When you use dirty brushes, the already accumulated makeup on them tends to clog your pores. So, if you don’t want that caked-up look for your makeup, wash your brushes periodically. 

  • Not removing your makeup before sleeping

If you are lazy and prefer crashing into the bed without removing your makeup, then better be prepared to get rough, older-looking, and dry skin in no time. Makeup goes into the pores of the skin, making them bigger in size. This bad habit can even cause premature aging of the skin and thus, sleeping with your makeup on is never a good idea. 

So, the above mistakes can not only make your makeup look bad but also make you look old and pale. Everyone woman must have made at least one of these mistakes in her life, but now you have the entire guide with you, it is time to leave these bad beauty habits behind and give your skin a caring gift. 

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